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Fenland Tour Summer 2001

4 - Lincoln to Southrey - Fossdyke Navigation and River Witham, inc River Witham Old Course and Nocton Delph.

Sunday 1st July 2001

We said our good bye's to Pat and Lesley and agreed to meet up with John and Frogmoore II again at around pub time that evening - if we could find one......for TNC were finally going ditch crawling - literally! John had to stay with his ladies until they were due to leave Boston, by train at 15.00ish.
We left at 08.45. Mucho piccies and video taken of Glory Hole in Lincoln. As we arrived at Stamp End Lock, the West London Adelaide Marine hire boat “Caroline” was just leaving. This is believed to have some book writing geezer (Nick Corble) on it that was having 6 months on this boat. By the time Neil had sorted the guillotine out, we were beeped by a cruiser, who joined us. 
Below Lincoln the River Witham gradually opens out into a wide and deep channel. We soon let cruiser pass. We arrived at Bardney Lock at 12.10 and the cruiser crew (moored up) helped us with the lock. At 12.20 we turned LEFT out of the lock and start up the River Witham (Old Course). There was once a marina up here at Short Ferry, with the caravan park / “Tyrwhitt Inn”. JC had been up to the pub and said the place was infested with anglers and did not welcome boaters. 
Careful progress was made up to the junction with weir stream round lock and then turned left (12.40) continued up old course to Short Ferry Bridge and the pub........but ignoring the “deep mud” signs we carried on. Very dodgy from now on but managed to get all the way up to the Ferry Hill pumping station. Here we ground to a halt as it is only a foot deep! Neil backed off and keeping close to west bank managed to get far enough up to swing the stern into the pumping station out fall cut. This is fairly deep and we just managed to wind, without taking out the weed boom (13.10) 
We then we carried on back to pub and the winging landlord came out, making sure that we had not damaged the weed boom. All signs of the breach in the dike to the abandoned marina has been eliminated, only a small bit of piling shows its whereabouts. We got back to junction with the weir stream and turned right to try our luck up there. There was a strong current from the weir. It was fairly easy to get up to the weir, but as there was such a strong flow we decided to reverse out. Fairly fast astern passage back to junction. Pete Sykes was the bowthruster bow positioning man. 
We got back to junction at 14.10 and back at Bardney Lock at 14.25. We carried on past the Bardney sugar factory and arrived at entrance to Nocton Delph at 15.05. This has a sharp angled turn, but we just assumed that flood doors were open and that it was to be as weed free as good old John Fleming had marked on our Nicholson's when we last here in 1996. Weed free it was and at 15.05 we start up the 3.5 miles long dike. 
There was occasional lily pad infestation and a small bit of blanket weed, but problem was depth of WATER as opposed to depth of SILT. A mile from the end the Lancaster / Spitfire / Hurricane Battle of Britain flight came over and a few American fighters, from the Airshow that was on that weekend. We though that the continuing rumble of jet engines was carrying on for a long time, when we then looked in horror at stern of boat. It was 4 inches out on the water and the noise was air being drawn under counter! Still we carry on and get to within a stones throw of the end / junction (N 53 degrees 10.115 minutes, W 00 degrees 21.870 minutes-- O^S Sheet 121 087645  ) with Car Dyke at 16.40. This was by a water pump intake, going passed this would have got us “off channel”. 
Fortunately there was not too much weed at this end as reversing out required a LOT of thrashing and power. Soon Neil had enough of this and with a LOT of dredging / poling / bowthruster we manage a wind. (17.00 to 17.15) Going back was much easier, as long as we did not stray from “our” cut. We got back to flood doors at 18.05 and waited until 18.35 for the arrival of John Chapman in Frogmoore II. After a bit of going past it confusion we both moor up at the Dunston Fen pontoon VM at 19.00. This is opposite Southrey and has the excellent “White Horse” pub, where we spent the rest of the evening. Batemans beer and a nice steak. Very friendly landlord. It ended up an overcast but hot evening, so we stayed outside all the time.

Dscn1666.jpg (20193 bytes)
Looking back to Fossdyke Navigation. Brayford Pool. Lincoln.

Dscn1667.jpg (28514 bytes)
Lincoln University. Brayford Pool. Lincoln.

Dscn1668.jpg (27904 bytes)
VM and Harbourmasters Office. Brayford Pool. Lincoln.

Dscn1670.jpg (34444 bytes)
The River Witham comes in here, from the SE corner. Brayford Pool. Lincoln.

Dscn1671.jpg (31440 bytes)
The navigable River Witham exits here, the NE corner. Brayford Pool. Lincoln.

Dscn1672.jpg (21856 bytes)
Approaching the Glory Hole. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1673.jpg (30556 bytes)
The Glory Hole. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1674.jpg (20342 bytes)
Inside the the Glory Hole. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1676.jpg (35007 bytes)
The Glory Hole. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1679.jpg (35683 bytes)
Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1681.jpg (27452 bytes)
Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1682.jpg (30574 bytes)
Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1684.jpg (40321 bytes)
Stamp End. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1685.jpg (26494 bytes)
We pass NB Caroline. Stamp End. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1687.jpg (23386 bytes)
Lincoln Cathedral.

Dscn1690.jpg (32675 bytes)
Stamp End Lock. Lincoln. River Witham.

psstend.jpg (13617 bytes)
Pete Sykes cranks Stamp End Lock. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1693.jpg (25621 bytes)
Leaving Stamp End Lock. Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1695.jpg (26589 bytes)
Leaving Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1697.jpg (16069 bytes)
Leaving Lincoln. River Witham.

Dscn1698.jpg (23625 bytes)
Washingborough VM pontoon and old station. River Witham.

Dscn1699.jpg (17786 bytes)
Washingborough VM pontoon and old station. River Witham.

Dscn1700.jpg (19318 bytes)
Five Mile Farm Footbridge. River Witham.

Dscn1702.jpg (20038 bytes)
Sluice down to the Old Course. River Witham.

Dscn1704.jpg (20141 bytes)
Approaching Bardney Lock. River Witham.

Dscn1705.jpg (18392 bytes)
Looking back towards Lincoln from Bardney Lock. River Witham.

Dscn1706.jpg (21172 bytes)
Bardney Lock. River Witham.

Dscn1708.jpg (29422 bytes)
Bardney Lock. River Witham.

Dscn1709.jpg (21527 bytes)
Starting up the River Witham Old Course.

Dscn1710.jpg (21981 bytes)
Short Ferry Bridge. River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1711.jpg (29660 bytes)
Tyrwhitt Arms pub. River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1712.jpg (16880 bytes)
Ferry Hill Pumping Station. River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1713.jpg (18451 bytes)
River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1714.jpg (15310 bytes)
River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1715.jpg (19019 bytes)
After wind - Short Ferry Bridge and Trywhitt Arms. River Witham Old Course - Barlings Eau.

Dscn1716.jpg (19214 bytes)
Looking up at North Delph and sluice to River Witham. River Witham Old Course.

Dscn1717.jpg (24008 bytes)
Ready to reverse out. River Witham Old Course.

Dscn1718.jpg (15511 bytes)
Looking back at Old Course, lock to left. River Witham.

Dscn1719.jpg (18590 bytes)
Looking back. South Bankside Drain to left. River Witham.

Dscn1720.jpg (24475 bytes)
Bardney VM pontoon. River Witham.

Dscn1722.jpg (19691 bytes)
Looking back at Bardney Bridge. River Witham.

Dscn1723.jpg (17736 bytes)
River Witham.

Dscn1725.jpg (10227 bytes)
We have just started up Nocton Delph.

Dscn1726.jpg (17245 bytes)
Nocton Delph.

noctcounter.jpg (12102 bytes)
Silt skimming!!! - still going along with counter 4 inches up!!! Nocton Delph.

Dscn1727.jpg (19171 bytes)
Nocton Delph.

Dscn1729.jpg (19903 bytes)
Nearing the end of Nocton Delph.

noctend.jpg (10789 bytes)
Pump intake blocks the channel. Car Dyke beyond the bridge. Nocton Delph.

Dscn1730.jpg (18667 bytes)
Peter Brown and Pete Sykes. Coming back down Nocton Delph.

Dscn1731.jpg (22743 bytes)
Back at Nocton Delph Flood Doors.

Dscn1732.jpg (20984 bytes)
We have just exited Nocton Delph Flood Doors.

Dscn1734.jpg (22132 bytes)
The White Horse Inn at Dunston Fen / Southrey. River Witham.

Dscn1735.jpg (39056 bytes)
Dunston Fen VM Pontoon. River Witham.

Dscn1737.jpg (27085 bytes)
The White Horse Inn. Dunston Fen. River Witham.

Dscn1738.jpg (31443 bytes)
Pete Sykes, John Chapman and Peter Brown. The White Horse Inn. Dunston Fen. 

The Tour continues

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