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Fenland Tour Summer 2001

21 - Upware to Cambridge - River Cam, inc Wicken Lode and Swaffam Bulbeck Lode.

Wednesday 18th July 2001

It was a horrible still overcast morning - the kind when light rain could start anytime. We eventually both shoved off a 09.20. Frogmoore went first, reversing back to the junction with Wicken Lode. It was a fairly easy trundle to the winding point at the bifurcation near the low footbridge. 
Speed was only governed by the width of the fairly deep, but narrow, reedy channel. It was a very pretty little waterway, one cruiser was already on the Great Ouse Boating Assc. moorings and another plastic hire boat followed us up. We stayed at the end from 10.15 to 10.40. JC went on a walkabout to the National Trust hut, so we left first. 
We wanted to meet Captain Beeky in Cambridge at around 16.00, so had to push on as we still had Swaffam Bulbeck Lode and Botisham Lode to do on the way up to Cambridge. After at brief swapping of waterpumps and boat hooks to be repaired by Neil, for John we parted company at Upware Lock, with John Chapman and Frogmoore II. 
Neil still had to get the spares for John's water pump, that Captain Beeky would be dropping off. It was agreed that we would meet up later, probably back on the Middle Level, on Earnest's way back home via the rest of the Middle Level and the River Nene. 
We set off from Upware Lock at 12.00 after a water fill and carried on up the River Cam. It was an aborted attempt up Swaffam Bulbeck Lode, through the lock. This was meant to be navigable about a mile up to the bridge at Slades Farm, but the bottom pointy gates and manual guillotine was chained up - not the boater EA key. We spent 12.30 to 12.50 here. 
The next disaster was Bottisham Lode. This is shallow but meant to be unofficially navigable, through the pointy flood doors. Here the EA were replacing the flood doors! 
We sped on up to Cambridge through Bottisham and Baits Bite Locks, in increasing rain. No rowers about on the "revered rule of the road" bit. We stopped and moored up, just one boat away from Jesus Green Weir (15.30) Captain Beeky arrived a while after to take home Doug. John Rushbrook managed to get Neil on Peter's fone, to say that he will be joining us tomorrow morning until Sunday. Peter and Neil went out into the town that night. After a wander we went to a very good (and expensive) Chinese restaurant (name again please Peter!). The big annoyance here was that there were no dish warmers and the place had EXCESSIVE air conditioning, which made matters worse.

Dscn2893.jpg (34637 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2894.jpg (22729 bytes)
Looking back at the entrance footbridge. Wicken Lode.

Dscn2895.jpg (20749 bytes)
Wicken Lode - goes through Wicken Fen NT reserve.

Dscn2896.jpg (24471 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2897.jpg (20598 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2898.jpg (17940 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2899.jpg (26764 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2901.jpg (18339 bytes)
Wicken Lode.

Dscn2902.jpg (30751 bytes)
Wicken Lode - the end.

Dscn2903.jpg (25841 bytes)
Wicken Lode - the end.

Dscn2904.jpg (17106 bytes)
Frogmmore at rest. Wicken Lode.

Dscn2905.jpg (20683 bytes)
Wicken Lode - the end - arm to right - GOBA Moorings.

Dscn2907.jpg (31168 bytes)
Swaffam Bulbeck Lode - the decrepit locked up entrance lock.

Dscn2908.jpg (18491 bytes)
Swaffam Bulbeck Lode - entrance lock.

Dscn2909.jpg (30696 bytes)
Swaffam Bulbeck Lode - entrance lock.

Dscn2915.jpg (14664 bytes)
Bottisham Lode. River Cam.

Dscn2916.jpg (14516 bytes)
Approach to Bottisham Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2918.jpg (25662 bytes)
Bottisham Lode. Blocked by EA installing new pointy flood gates! River Cam.

Dscn2919.jpg (25701 bytes)
Bottisham Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2920.jpg (30877 bytes)
Bottisham Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2921.jpg (26464 bytes)
Leaving Bottisham Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2923.jpg (21999 bytes)
Clayhithe. River Cam.

Dscn2925.jpg (21184 bytes)
Clayhithe. River Cam.

Dscn2926.jpg (22299 bytes)
River Cam.

Dscn2928.jpg (30488 bytes)
Brunette a nice little wooden cruiser. River Cam.

Dscn2932.jpg (28353 bytes)
Bait's Bite Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2933.jpg (22017 bytes)
Bait's Bite Lock cottage. River Cam.

Dscn2934.jpg (31156 bytes)
Leaving Bait's Bite Lock. River Cam.

Dscn2935.jpg (21265 bytes)
Plough Inn at Fen Ditton. River Cam.

Dscn2936.jpg (23668 bytes)
Rail Bridge before Stourbridge Common. River Cam.

Dscn2937.jpg (24075 bytes)
Pike and Eel pub at Stourbridge Common. River Cam.

Dscn2938.jpg (29481 bytes)
Two Tees Boatyard. River Cam.

Dscn2941.jpg (38775 bytes)
Footbridge. Stourbridge Common. River Cam.

Dscn2942.jpg (20143 bytes)
Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2943.jpg (9961 bytes)
Gasworks Museum. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2944.jpg (24091 bytes)
Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2945.jpg (26653 bytes)
Robert Laws NB St Kilda. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2946.jpg (21605 bytes)
Queen Elizabeth Way Bridge. River Cam.

Dscn2947.jpg (27186 bytes)
Footbridge. Midsummer Common. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2948.jpg (21871 bytes)
College Boatyards. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2949.jpg (39605 bytes)
Our mooring below Jesus Green Lock. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2950.jpg (39241 bytes)
Jesus Green Lock. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2951.jpg (28578 bytes)
Jesus Green Lock. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2952.jpg (27050 bytes)
The river above Jesus Green Lock. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2954.jpg (28588 bytes)
View downstream from Jesus Green Lock. Cambridge. River Cam.

Dscn2957.jpg (27141 bytes)
The Sanitary Station. Cambridge. River Cam.

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